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Online Life- &  Manifestatie Coach (English)

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Re-Discover who you really are, the one that is here to have an amazing life
experience! Say Hello to your Freedom and Good-bye to Fear.

How can I help you ?

Have you lost trust in your life, have you lost the joy in your life? Want to experience more freedom, but you can’t seem to figure out where you should start and what can you can get there? I have gone through exactly the same thing as you, and I have figured out the way to get you on your way.

Do you feel excited to start your day? Or are you dreading the moment the alarm clock goes and the same day as yesterday [and the days before] start again. Are you going to work because you have to and you can’t seem to figure out another way to pay your bills, but doing your work feels like you’re slowly dying inside.

I’ve been there, I’ve done that, I took the scariest leap in my life ever and I have created an amazing and adventurous life for myself. And what’s more, I am the living proof that the Universe always has our back.

Symptoms I can help you with

  • Depression
  • Unhappiness
  • Lack of spiritual fulfilment
  • Low energy
  • Unloved


There are two ways of working with me.
1. The first option is to let me guide you through my 12 week program: Hello Freedom, Goodbye fear where I teach you a complete new way of thinking and living your life. You will move from a victim mindset where everything happens to you, to a creator mindset where you are in control of what happens in your life.

Full Program: EUR 2.442, without VAT, KOR

2. The second option is to book an individual session where I can help you in a particular area that you feel stuck at the moment to offer you a new perspective and can help you discover the road that leads to the way out of this area where you
are now stuck.
Single sessions:1,5 Hours 155 EUR, without VAT, KOR

In both cases the success you will have depends on your willingness to choose You.


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